AES Shulbinsk HPP


AES Shulbinsk HPP

Shulbinsk HPP is located 70 kilometers away from the city of Semey. It is the third plant on the Irtysh HPP cascade and the largest in Kazakhstan in terms of installed capacity.

Technical specifications

Number of units- 6;

The established (project) capacity - 702 MW;

The available (actual) capacity - 702 MW.

The number of employees - 140 people.

Company History

1976 - Construction of hydroelectric power.

1987 – Launch of the first hydraulic unit.

1994 – Launch of the latest sixth hydropower unit.

1997 - Shulbinsk HPP transfer to the concession of AES.

2009 – Launch of finishing of industrial marks.

2012 – Completion of major overhaul of hydraulic unit #1

2012 – Completion of finishing of the machine room and official- industrial building

2013 – Completion of HPP building facade decoration.


Shulbinsk HPP LLP has participated in international competition on health and safety areas, which is annually held by the British Association in health and safety areas. The Association has more than 50-year history and at this moment it is one of the largest independent associations on health, safety and environment in the world. Daily efforts of plant employees were appreciated and Shulbinsk HPP was awarded by this Association.


Shulbinsk HPP fulfills all its investment obligations and systematically implements a long-term program on modernization and reconstruction of fixed assets.

The implementation of investment programs of Shulbinsk HPP is aimed at improving a reliability and safe use of a main and auxiliary equipment, complex of hydraulic structures and on increasing the efficiency of mode control of hydraulic units with providing optimal selection of operating parameters.

Therefore, in 2010 the project on completion of finishing and reconstruction of HPP machine hall was launched. It includes two main steps: the completion of the machine room and downstream facade glazing.

In December 2012 major overhaul of hydraulic unit #1was completed.. A distinctive feature of the overhaul is that the project was accompanied with the reconstruction of the automated management system and modernization of monitoring system.

Environmental activities of last two years include projects on recovery and recycling of two submerged pumping stations and reconstruction of oily wastewater system. Besides, the project on construction of stormwater collection and drainage of storm and melt water from the base of hydropower equipment, followed by purification and discharge of effluent has been planned. Within the 2012 program frame, the equipment was delivered and in 2013 improvement of the territory was implemented.

Investments of the Shulbinsk HPP in 2013 were focused on the following projects:

  • Capital construction, including completion of HPP building decoration works, industrial marks and construction of the fire department;
  • Major overhaul of the hydro mechanical equipment, the transformer #2 and cells of switches of the open 220 kV switchgear;
  • Modernization of equipment: replacement of generator switches, replacement of the excitation system of generators, implementation of diagnostic system, control and automated control process.

“AES Shulbinsk HPP ” LLP Quality, Health protection, Environmental and Occupational Safety, Energy Management  Integrated Policy:

“AES Shulbinsk HPP ” LLP (here after  referred to as the Plant) is an electric power generating company, it produces high quality and secure electric power for reliable and fail-safe fulfillment of obligations of electric power supply contracts.

The priority goal for “AES Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP” is the improvement of our Customers’ satisfaction, cost-effective and reliable operations, protection of the environment, secure fulfillment of works and elimination of risks to lives and health of our employees and stakeholders.

For achievement of this goal there is an integrated management system on the Plant based on the process approach, requirements applicable by legislation acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in accordancet with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO 50000 that works and is being continuousely improved. The integrated management system is a tool for the Plant quality, health protection, occupational, environmental safety, energy management performance improvement.

Taking a responsibility for the results of the company operation to electric power consumers, the company personnel and other stakeholders, following the principles of the AES corporate Policy the top management makes the following commitments in the area of Integrated Management System:

-  To put prevention injuries and impairment of health of our employees, contractors, continuous improvement and prevention of environment pollution, rational use of energy resources the highest priority during the all enterprise activity;

- To be a reliable supplier of electric power and honor contractual commitment, as the success of our Company depends on creation and maintaining of long-term trust relations with market entity of electrical power:

- To abide requirements of applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international management standards of ISO and AES Corporations standards;

- To establish the process of continuous learning, improvement of skills and culture of each employee, understanding of our responsibility for the quality of operations, health protection and occupational safety, environmental protection, energy saving and energy efficiency.

- To strive for continuous improvement of management and productivity of health protection, occupational safety, management quality, continuous environmental management for improvement of environmental indicators and energy management;

- To perform energy planning and operational analysis of our activity on the rational use of energy resources, which leads to the continuous improvement in the field of project planning and purchase of equipment with improved energy characteristics.

- To introduce health protection and occupational safety, quality, environmental standards, energy saving and requirements to representatives of contactor organization and demand adherence to them. 

- To maintain open communication with employees and community about Company’s activity in the field of quality management according to the requirements of ISO standards;

During work performance every employee is responsible both for his/her own safety and safety of his/her colleagues and community as well as for prevention of environmental pollution. Therefore each employee as well as a contractor not only has the right but is obliged to stop unsafe work.

Senior management of the Company commits to support this Policy with all necessary resources and each employee is personally responsible for its implementation within the scope of his or her competence.

Contact information:

Shulbinsk settlement, Semey city,

East Kazakhstan Region,

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Tel: 8 (72257) 6-17-55, 8 (72353) 6 2002

Fax: 6-14-33, 6 2003

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