Health, Safety and Environmental policy

Our goal is to become a leading company throughout the world within the sphere of Health and Safety. Health, safety and environmental management based on the project approach are among the main priorities. The company management makes every effort to improve the environmental and health performance of production by building and developing the HSE integrated management system.

Following the principles of the corporate policy, the AES Corporation has the following commitments in the field of health, safety and environment:

  • comply with the legal requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the corporate requirements for health, safety and environmental protection;
  • strive for zero accident situations which can have a negative impact on the personnel, equipment and environment;
  • implement and continuously improve the corporate management methods for health, safety and environment;
  • implement the best world practices, international standards and innovations that improve the safety of employees, customers, suppliers and members of the surrounding community.
  • demand the responsible attitude from our partners towards health, safety and environment during performance of works and services;
  • strive to reduce and prevent the negative impacts on the personnel and environment caused by the activity of the enterprise ;
  • strive for open and constructive dialogues with the external interested parties;
  • involve the personnel in the continuous work for protection of health, safety and environment.

The AES Corporation firmly believes that industrial activity performed with the safety principles is the most progressive and effective strategy for stability in the present and successful growth of the company in the future.

Health and Safety

In 2008, all of the AES businesses in Kazakhstan have been certified on conformity to the international standards of occupational safety and health OHSAS 18001: 2007 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2004.

In 2011, all power stations had passed the quality management system certification process on compliance with requirements of standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Annually, our companies receive assessment of conformity with the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 9001: 2008.

The corporate audits are carried out every 3 years by highly qualified experts from AES businesses from other countries. In the course of these audits the experts share their experiences, as well as provide recommendations for the improvement of the safety and environmental management system.

In addition, the internal audits are carried out by the businesses, and inspections of work places and work safety are performed on a daily basis involving more than 45% of personnel. The safety days are conducted on the businesses on the monthly basis. The businesses pay a lot of attention to safety. Work is being carried out on five main aspects:

  • Improvement of proactive safety level
  • Improvement of information provision and communication
  • Upgrading the level of personnel technical knowledge, developing the personal growth and improving the safety and environmental knowledge by means of trainings.
  • Contractor safety management
  • Eliminating the unsafe behavior of employees and contractors.

All employees of the businesses are fully provided with protective clothing, safety shoes and personal protective equipment. High quality personal protective equipment is designated and selected for each type of work.

There are earplugs for hearing protection, and eye washes needed in case if aggressive substances strike the eyes, located on the territory of industrial premises. For switching operations in electrical installations the arc protection suits and protective equipment (hard hats, gloves, balaclava) are regularly purchased for operational personnel and the electrical shop personnel involved in switching operations. All purchased safety clothing has appropriate quality certificates.