Tips on CV


Tips on CV

Tips on resume are addressed to recent graduates of educational institutions, who are looking for a serious job for the first time. We will tell our young applicants how to write a resume without any experience.

Very often in employment, students are wondering what should be written in resume in order to please anemployerif there are no career achievements behind. How to write a resume in a right way? What you need to specifyand what better to be silent about?

So, the first thing that should definitely be mentioned in the well-written resume is a particular position, claimed by the candidate. If you are interested in several areas - select positions separated by a comma, but do not list the names of all vacancies! It is better to specify the desired positions based on their education and experience, rather than trying to find "at least some" work.

Also in the application form it is necessary to provide the information about a candidate, such as age, marital status, and contact information (if you have specified e-mail address it is necessary to review periodically if a cell phone number- do not disconnect it). With regard to marital status, you should not specify the actual situation (for example, you live in a civil marriage), but only the information that matches your passport.

Without a doubt, resume should also contain information on the education background. Specify basic education, as well as those courses and trainingwhich, in your opinion, will help you do the job for the position you are applying. In summary, it is important to draw the attention of a potential employer togood basic theoretical training (you can list in resumespecial items that you have studied at a college or university), to practical skills acquired in the course of practice, while working on a diploma.

What should be written in a paragraph titled "experience"? If you don’t yet have good experience you can demonstrate to your employer, list all places of work where you've ever had to look for jobs (even if you held these positions for a short period). Include a company whereyou had an internship. Thus, you can demonstrate to potential employer that you are a hard-working person.

If the practice and / or internship lasted more than a month, you can transfer this information to the "Professional Experience" section by presenting to a potential employer the employment periods as the previous places of work. Be sure to specify: date of start / end, the exact name of the organization, the position (marked in brackets "training" or "internship"), carried out a detailed description of job responsibilities and achievements.

Be sure to indicate your level of proficiency, as well as computer programs. It can be your advantage.

Another point that should be pointed in the resume is the personal qualities of the candidate. Before writing about your qualities, consider what personal characteristics are important for the position for which you are aiming, and select a few of them. For example, commitment is an important quality for a manager; for hiring manager it is the knowledge of human psychology, for an accountant it is the ability to handle large volumes of information, and so on.